The Mobility Week In Review

European citizens have spoken: What comes next?

Although the European Commission will remain under the same political leadership, numerous signs indicate changes are on the horizon.

European citizens have spoken: What comes next?
Miguel Elizondo |

This issue of The Mobility Week in Review explores the uncertainties surrounding the new European Commission, the success of the Deutschlandticket, Germany’s leadership in electric vehicle production, Tesla’s challenges with its robotaxi, and Volvo’s shifting alliances with China.

Without further ado, let’s dive in…

🇪🇺 The European commission keeps its leaders: will it chart a new course?

Last weekend, European citizens voted to elect their representatives for the next five years. Despite the surge of various extremist movements, the political bloc that led the European Commission in the last legislature secured enough support to continue for another term. Given these results, it would be expected for the European Union to stay on its current course. However, there are numerous reasons to believe that changes are on the horizon.