As the world becomes more conscious of its carbon footprint, the mobility industry has been place under the microscope. With CO2 emission reduction targets set by the European Union and other developed countries, companies in the mobility sector are under increasing pressure to adapt to new regulations and find innovative solutions to reduce their impact on the environment.

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From electrification and new fuels to the new era of automation, our coverage of the most relevant topics in the mobility industry is comprehensive and insightful. We delve into the reconceptualization of cities, the new role of freight and logistics, and the primacy of some transport options over others. We also cover new mobility solutions and services, as well as the intelligent infrastructures that are being developed to support them.

MOTUM is an independent publication launched in 2023 by Miguel Elizondo. The goal of this publication is to deliver the most accurate and reliable content possible, giving our readers the edge they need to succeed in the mobility industry. Join the ranks of our subscribers and gain access to the most comprehensive coverage of the mobility industry available.

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