The Mobility Week In Review

Stellantis' Chinese return: can it overcome past challenges?

Stellantis' Chinese return: can it overcome past challenges?
Miguel Elizondo |

This edition of The Mobility Week in Review covers Stellantis' latest venture in China, the impressive order and delivery achievements of Airbus and Boeing, the terms for Hitachi's acquisition of a portion of Thales' business, and Milan's proposed traffic restrictions in the city center.

So, without delay, let's dive in...

🇨🇳 Stellantis to acquire 20% stake in Chinese EV manufacturer Leapmotor with €1,5 billion investment

A new car maker is searching once more in China to discover the recipe for prosperity that will permit it to enter the electric age with a greater probability of success. Stellantis is set to make a substantial €1.5 billion investment to secure a 20% stake in the Chinese electric vehicle startup, Leapmotor. This move comes on top of Volkswagen's July deal with Xpeng and, once again, underscores the challenges traditional manufacturers face as they strive to bridge the technological divide with emerging Chinese players.