The Mobility Week In Review

Spain's trains take flight: liberalized services win over passengers

Market liberalization has fostered competition, enabling price reductions of up to 40%.

Spain's trains take flight: liberalized services win over passengers
Miguel Elizondo |

This edition of The Mobility Week in Review explores several pivotal developments: the introduction of competition in the Spanish rail market, the U.S.'s new tariff measures on Chinese electric cars, Brussels Airport's ambition to reach zero emissions, alterations to Gothenburg's parking strategies, and BP's keen interest in Tesla's charging infrastructure.

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đźš„ Competition ignites unprecedented growth in Spanish railway sector

In recent years, the European Commission has prioritized enhancing rail transport as a central component of mobility across the European Union. Shifting passengers from road and air to rail has been a major focus, bordering on an obsession. To make rail a more appealing option than its competitors, significant improvements in both service quality and pricing were essential. However, these changes have been effectively implemented in only a few countries—and even then, often only in select corridors. Spain stands out as one of the nations where these enhancements have been realized.