The Mobility Week In Review

Unlocking railroad paradise: the crucial role of investment

The coming five years are crucial for leaders of the European Union to show their commitment to placing rail at the center of their mobility strategy.

Unlocking railroad paradise: the crucial role of investment
Miguel Elizondo |

This issue of The Mobility Week in Review delves into the railroad sector's appeals to the upcoming European Commission, the gradual advancements towards equality in the aviation industry, BYD's expansion strategies for Europe, the current surge in cycling, and the Lufthansa Group's financial performance.

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🏗️ For trains to lead, Europe needs to place its millions on the table

The European Union's pledged and planned reductions in pollutant emissions have thrust railways into the limelight. Rail transport, recognized by EU strategists as the most energy-efficient means of transportation, is heralded to pioneer a new chapter in European mobility. The sector is eager to undertake this mission, yet the moment has arrived to transition from theoretical presentations to tangible actions. The singular path forward demands the mobilization of substantial investments.