The Mobility Week In Review

Parisians support tripling parking fees for SUVs

About 10% of vehicles in Paris would be hit by the new tariffs that will come into effect next September.

Parisians support tripling parking fees for SUVs
Miguel Elizondo |

This edition of The Mobility Week in Review explores Paris' new step forward to transform city mobility, the collaborative push by Airbus and Nordic airlines to increase hydrogen utilization, BYD's advancements in electric vehicle sales, Flix's expansion into India, and a roundup of January's most captivating reports and studies.

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🗳️ Paris has spoken again: SUV owners forced to dig deep into their pockets as parking fees multiply by three

The debate over the space that private vehicles occupy in cities has been ongoing for years. In addressing this issue, the Paris city council has opted to let a vote decide on enhancing the barriers for SUV models to operate in the center of France's capital. Nearly 55% of voters endorsed the proposal to increase the base price to 18 euros per hour in the city center, which is three times the cost for smaller vehicles.