The Mobility Week In Review

No, electric car sales will not drop this year

Despite some alarming headlines, data suggests that 2024 will be another successful year for EVs.

No, electric car sales will not drop this year
Miguel Elizondo |

This issue of The Mobility Week in Review delves into several optimistic forecasts for electric car sales by 2024, the S&D's proposal for a new industrial development fund in Europe, the data-sharing agreement between China and Germany on mobility, future projections for the battery market, and Alstom's plans to establish operations in Morocco.

Let's dive in without further ado...

📈 One in five new cars worldwide expected to be electric in 2024

You might have come across numerous headlines recently suggesting a decline in electric car sales. However, the actual data tells a very different story. The new edition of the IEA's annual Global EV Outlook reveals that this year, more than one in five cars sold globally is expected to be electric. The report forecasts a surge in demand over the next decade that will transform the global auto industry and significantly reduce oil consumption for road transport.