The Mobility Week In Review

Do we need single-pilot flights? The debate is back

Existing technology could feasibly automate the entire process, a shift that would have profound implications for air transportation.

Do we need single-pilot flights? The debate is back
Miguel Elizondo |

This edition of The Mobility Week in Review delves into the revived discussion on the necessity of dual pilots for commercial flights, tracks the sales trends of electric vehicles in Europe, examines Croatia's fresh approach to encouraging cycling, and covers the latest acquisition by CARIAD, the software division of Volkswagen Group.

Without further ado, let's get started...

👨‍✈️ Is the dawn of single-pilot operations upon us?

A hallmark of today's industrial era is the pace at which technological advancements outstrip their practical applications. The ability to technically achieve something doesn't always translate into the feasibility of doing it. A prime example currently under scrutiny is artificial intelligence. The initial generation of a this technology has unveiled a potential of immense value, yet the ramifications of its deployment, particularly regarding job loss, have ignited widespread discussions. These discussions have led to a somewhat unified agreement among political and business leaders that it might be prudent to decelerate the advancement of AI.