The Mobility Week In Review

Canada surges as Batteryland

Canada surges as Batteryland
Miguel Elizondo |

This edition of The Mobility Week in Review covers Northvolt's new mega-investment in Canada, the European Union's initiatives to enhance data utilization in the transport sector, and the fresh uncertainties surrounding the UK's critical high-speed rail project.

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šŸ Subsidies + hydropower + lithium mining = Battery Factory

In the quest to challenge the United States and Europe in the burgeoning electric vehicle battery manufacturing and storage sector, Canada has unearthed a winning strategy. The nation has strategically crafted a compelling proposition for prospective battery producers. This entails a unique blend of substantial subsidies, abundant hydropower resources, and the extraction of critical minerals like lithium and other rare materials. Consequently, Canada has solidified its status as a highly appealing destination for battery manufacturers, staking its claim in the global competition against China.