The Mobility Week In Review

Can hydrogen overtake batteries in cars? Experts say no

The answers from most scientific bodies are conclusive, but the debate is not over for some in the industry.

Can hydrogen overtake batteries in cars? Experts say no
Miguel Elizondo |

This issue of The Mobility Week in Review delves into the ongoing discussion regarding hydrogen's role in the automotive sector, European carmakers' concerns over Trump's potential comeback, the significant expansion of the Athens metro, and the prospective sale of Spanish train maker Talgo.

Without further delay, let's dive in...

🤔 Hydrogen car proponents persist despite diminishing support

A decade ago, as vehicles independent of fossil fuels began to emerge, the industry presented two primary alternatives to gasoline: electric battery-powered cars and hydrogen-fueled vehicles. Over time, these options have found their respective positions in the market, with electric vehicles achieving millions in sales and hydrogen cars making a minimal impact. Despite this disparity, a segment of the automotive industry continues to fuel the discussion.